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With our own developed on-site winding equipment and extensive track record in project mangement & execution for large on-site production & installation projects, Plasticon Projects makes sure your installation will be commisioned within budget and time schedule.

Plasticon Projects - FRP Storage Tank


Plasticon Projects mission is to provide worldwide industries with corrosion resistant solutions for storage and processing with composite products and related services.


Reinforce Plasticon Projects' leading position worldwide, offering a broad product portfolio from storage tanks, chimney liners to complex tailor-made process equipment.

  • Work alongside our customers, by providing a broad range of solutions and composite materials and services;
  • Consolidate our worldwide forces under one flag and one face;
  • Differentiate our range through evolving into a broad solution provider;
  • Deliver innovative composite and plastic materials and services by putting effort into the research and development of our products and performance.

The Plasticon Projects team, characterised by passion and always striving for the best, the essential asset in all the company’s goals and activities.

Plasticon Projects - History - FRP Storage Tank
Plasticon Projects - Plasticon History

History of Plasticon Projects

Plasticon Composites founded in 1952

After the Second World War, the Dutch company started as an installation company for PVC piping systems. Chemical plants acknowledged PVC as a chemical-resistant material for mediums such as chlorides, acids or caustic sodas. However, PVC had the disadvantage of being mechanically weak at low or high temperatures. The solution was to cover the PVC with a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin. This covering layer was not only chemical-resistant, but the material even appeared to be strong enough for the manufacture of storage tanks and equipment with diameters of 10 metres. From then on, Plasticon Projects built a reputation as an expert in the design and manufacturing of storage tanks, piping systems and process equipment for chemical processing markets.

Chemical-resistant equipment

Following various takeovers in recent decades, the company now operates independent as Plasticon Composites International Contracting and has become a global leader in it's field of expertise. A company that designs, manufactures and installs all forms of GRP/FRP storage tanks and other related equipment requiring high levels of corrosion and chemical resistance.

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