Electrolyte Tank

Energy Storage

A flow battery is a rechargeable battery in which electrolyte flows through one or more electrochemical cells from one or more tanks. With a simple flow battery it is straightforward to increase the energy storage capacity by increasing the quantity of electrolyte stored in the tanks. The electrochemical cells can be electrically connected in series or parallel, so determining the power of the flow battery system. This decoupling of energy rating and power rating is an important feature of flow battery systems.

Because the jobs of energy storage and extraction are separated, it’s easy to scale up storage by simply building bigger tanks of electrolytes and FRP is an excellent solution for electrolyte storage required in flow battery systems.

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Lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant and less expensive to buy and maintain than metal alloy tanks, FRP tanks are manufactured in a wide assortment sizes and storage capacities. Their properties make FRP tanks and vessels a preferred choice for the storage, transport and treatment of acids, alkalis and electrolytes.

Because of their high strength-to-weight ratios, durability and corrosion-resistance, FRP tanks have been used successfully for many years to safely store acids. Composites made with vinyl ester and isophthalic polyester resins provide the chemical resistance, strength and flexibility required to safely store corrosive agents like HCl, H2SO4 and others.

Characteristics of FRP

FRP is known for its mechanical strength and a popular choice when it comes to corrosion resistance. Furthermore is FRP light weight, has excellent temperature-resistant properties, offers thermal insulation and can be formed in complex shapes. FRP products are easy to repair and hardly require any maintenance.

FRP Products

The majority of FRP products, such as storage tanks are cylindrical in shape. Yet the benefit of working with FRP is the endless possibilities as regards thickness, capacity for combination with other materials, mix of materials, and is therefore lightweight, with smooth surfaces and possesses good insulation properties. FRP can also be used for non-cylindrical applications: read about one of these projects.

FRP products are ideal for on-site production and installation. Our international team of certified laminators handle installation jobs for customers all over the world.

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