Leakage Monitoring System

Our LMS system signals potential failure in a very early stage, thus preventing high maintenance cost, product loss and unscheduled shut down of the equipment.

Internal and external integrity loss caused by fluid permeability and leakage is a risk when storing chemical and aggressive fluids. It can result in a fluid containment, an unsafe environment and can disrupt process continuity.

With a managed, early warning system that actively monitors the quality of an installation, safety can be improved and process interruptions can be minimised. This is possible with the Leakage Monitoring System, or L.M.S., developed by Plasticon Composites. The composite storage tanks, equipped with the LMS, have special conductive layers acting as sensors in various sections. Data concerning possible integrity loss or other problems is collected and analysed at our control centre

Intervention initiated by the LMS will occur before the actual leakage takes place. Maintenance or repairs are pre-emptive and downtime can be minimised or, more likely: even prevented. Increase overall productivity, optimise maintenance and put safety first. Let Plasticon Composites take care of your chemical storage.

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