FRP Aquaculture Tanks

FRP tanks provide excellent insualation for temperature maintenance inside the fish farming tank. The glossy contact surface on the inside of the tanks assures maximum protection for the fish and easy cleaning during operation.

Large cost savings can be achieved in the production of food fish with the use of larger systems and enhanced production management and equipment. These trends have also included the use of large circular culture tanks because of their many advantages for food fish production. Circular tanks make good culture vessels because they can provide a uniform culture environment, can be operated under a wide range of rotational velocities to optimize fish health and condition, and can be used to rapidly concentrate and remove settleable solids. The flow inlet and outlet structures and fish grading and/or removal mechanisms should be engineered to reduce the labor requirements of handling fish and to obtain effective tank rotational characteristics, mixing, and solids flushing. FRP tanks are an excelent solution for fish farming due to its light weight, good insulation characteristics and smooth inner surface (gel coat).


Our production locations are equipped with the latest technologies. With workshops located around the world and our ‘on-site winding unit’, Plasticon Projects can adapt to all local requirements. We manufacture up to 10 metres in our shops and up to 20 metres width at your site with one of our ‘on site winding plants’.

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