FRP Stack and Duct - Eemshaven

  • Customer
    PP Eemshaven & Rotterdam/ MHI
  • Location
    Eemshaven, The Netherlands
  • Project execution
  • Dimensions
    Diameter 7.0 meter, Height 120 meter
  • Medium
    Clean Flue Gas
  • Temperature
    70 °C
  • Market segment
    Power & Energy
  • FRP Stack & Duct Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack & Duct in Cooling Tower
  • Chimney Top in the Clouds
  • FRP Stack Liner
  • FRP Transition Piece Eemshaven
  • FRP Transition Piece Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack Eemshaven
  • FRP Stack

Ultramodern coal-fired power station

In the past, the Dutch government designated the port areas of Maasvlakte near Rotterdam and Eemshaven in Groningen as locations for new power stations, due to the presence of ports for the import of fuel and the availability of sufficient cooling water. RWE has accepted the invitation of the Dutch government and has built an ultramodern coal-fired power station with a capacity of 1,560 MW in Eemshaven, which was commissioned in 2015. The power station, consisting of units A and B, plays an important role in providing affordable and reliable electricity.


The power station is built according to the latest technology with FRP stack and Duct, and achieves an efficiency of 46 percent. Higher efficiency means less fuel is needed to generate the same amount of energy, ultimately resulting in lower emissions. The plant is not only efficient, but with its modern FRP purification and filter systems, it is also the lowest-emission plant of its kind. Like the Amer power station, the Eemshaven power station is also being converted to a biomass power station. At the moment 15% of the energy is generated with biomass. RWE has the ambition to convert the power station to a biomass power station in due course, if this is economically feasible and the right permits are available.


The power station consists of two so-called 'ultra-super-critical' boilers. In addition, they are specially designed to be switched on and off quickly, making them suitable for compensating for fluctuating electricity supplies from renewable energy sources. With this flexibility, the plant fits perfectly into the modern energy supply.

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