Field fabrication

Field fabrication and installation can be highly cost-effective and efficient. When several large components need to be assembled on location, field fabrication and installation often overcome size and access problems.

Plasticon Composites International Contracting can produce on-site when transportation of our products is impossible due to size and available transport methods. The climate on-site is not an issue; Plasticon Composites International Contracting is experienced in working at temperatures from -40 °C to +50 °C. Plasticon Composites International Contracting has designed highly-sophisticated winding machines and a mobile plant especially for the manufacture of GRP stacks, ducts, apparatus and vessels on site. Depending on the diameter, Plasticon Composites International Contracting uses its vertical winding machine for diameters up to 20 metres and its horizontal winding machine for diameters up to 16 metres. The mechanical properties of the laminate produced with the on-site winding equipment are exactly the same as the properties of the laminate in the different production facilities.

Take a look at the projects we have executed with the On-site winding machine, or ask for our white paper about the technology behind the OSWM.

Plasticon Composites Internatinal Contractings' on-site winding technology, whether vertical or horizontal winders: we guarantee improvement as regards the costs, time and risks involved in your power project.