Plasticon Wins Contract to Drive Tata Steel IJmuiden Towards a Greener Future

In a significant step towards reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment, Plasticon Projects, a leading name in fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions, has been awarded the contract for the production and installation of a DeNox scrubber and stack at Tata Steel IJmuiden. This move underscores Tata Steel's commitment to sustainability, demonstrating a proactive stance in the transition to a cleaner, greener steel production process.

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Tata Steel IJmuiden: A Commitment to Sustainability

Tata Steel, one of the world's largest steel producers, is a global industrial behemoth with a massive footprint. At the IJmuiden site in the Netherlands, the company is setting a remarkable example by embracing sustainability and taking bold steps to reduce its environmental impact. By investing in innovative technologies and forging strategic partnerships, Tata Steel IJmuiden aims to ensure that its operations are as eco-friendly as possible.

TATA Steel Ijmuiden

The Challenge: Reducing Emissions from the Pellet Factory

Pellet production is a crucial part of Tata Steel's operations, but it comes with its own set of environmental challenges. To address this, Tata Steel IJmuiden was in search of a reliable and efficient solution.

In their quest for an durable, effective solution to reduce emissions from the pellet factory, Tata Steel IJmuiden turned to Plasticon, a renowned global expert in fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions. Plasticon's proposal involved the production and installation of a DeNox scrubber and stack, designed to efficiently remove nitrogen oxides and other harmful pollutants from the emissions produced during the pellet production process.

The Benefits of the DeNox Scrubber and Stack

  1. Emission Reduction: The DeNox scrubber and stack, supplied by Plasticon Projects in close cooperation with other contractors, effectively removes nitrogen oxides and other pollutants, significantly reducing the environmental impact of Tata Steel's pellet production.
  2. Sustainable Material: Fiberglass-reinforced plastic is a sustainable choice, as it is durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan for the scrubber and stack.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The system is designed to be energy-efficient, helping Tata Steel IJmuiden minimize energy consumption while maintaining production levels.
  4. Compliance with Regulations: Implementing the DeNox scrubber and stack ensures that Tata Steel IJmuiden meets environmental regulations and standards.
  5. Positive Contribution to the Transition: By partnering with Plasticon and investing in advanced pollution control technology, Tata Steel IJmuiden is actively contributing to the global transition to cleaner, more sustainable steel production.

A Win-Win Partnership

The partnership between Tata Steel IJmuiden and Plasticon exemplifies how industry leaders can collaborate to address environmental challenges while maintaining high production standards. Plasticon's expertise in fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions, combined with Tata Steel's commitment to sustainability, creates a win-win situation for both parties. Tata Steel IJmuiden can enhance its environmental profile, while Plasticon can showcase its innovative solutions in the field of fiberglass reinforced plastics and its applicability in polution control.


The award of the contract to Plasticon Projects for the production and installation of the fiberglass-reinforced plastic DeNox scrubber and stack at Tata Steel IJmuiden represents a positive step toward a greener and more sustainable future. By reducing emissions and pollution, Tata Steel is aligning itself with the global trend towards eco-friendly industrial practices, setting an example for the steel production industry. This partnership between Tata Steel IJmuiden and Plasticon is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving environmental progress and is a milestone in the journey toward a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

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