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Plasticon Projects, your premier provider of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) solutions for industries globally. Our expertise lies in delivering corrosion-resistant solutions for storage and processing needs, offering a wide range of products including tanks, ducts, stacks, and associated services. Trust Plasticon Projects to safeguard your operations with durable and reliable FRP solutions.

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Plasticon Projects serves various industries with it's wide range of FRP products such as storage tanks, FGD duct and FRP chimney liners. If you want to find out more please pick your topic of interest in the below overview.

Field Fabrication of FPR Tanks & Equipment

On-site tank fabrication

Plasticon Projects on-site production of large FRP tanks and equipment, exceeding transport limits, offers unparalleled advantages. Eliminating size constraints, on-site fabrication ensures bespoke solutions for diverse industrial needs. Customization becomes a breeze, optimizing dimensions to match specific requirements. Transporting colossal structures becomes obsolete, slashing logistical complexities and costs. Additionally, on-site assembly streamlines installation, reducing downtime. The flexibility and efficiency of on-site production herald a new era for FRP tank and equipment manufacturing, revolutionizing industries by delivering tailored solutions without the constraints of transportation limitations.

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Plasticon Projects - FRP Tanks & Duct


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Plasticon Projects is a dynamic organization that executes projects all over the world. To expand our business we are constantly searching for advanturous people to join our team and together make each and every project a succes!

There are currently no vacancies.

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